Hot Mess Edition: An Insurrection of Personal Power as Profit

The Black Woman Millionaire: Hot Mess Edition by Dr. Venus Opal Reese
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Complete Money Therapy in Under 200 pages!

It's downright therapeutic and I should know, I'm a therapist. You will cry, grieve, discover, process, and grow. Reading this book is like going on a week long retreat with your best girlfriend who happens to be wealthy (like Oprah) and possess the knowledge and power to fix your life (like Iyanla). 

- L. Slater (Amazon Review)

Venus has a proven track record and lays it down like no other If you are really, sincerely ready to make a change to reach your highest potential, then this is a book complete with roadmap, strategy for you. Dr. Venus has a proven track record and lays it down like no other. You may need some tea, and tissue. - Gloria Mitchell (Amazon Review)

Venus Opal Reese is AMAZING. It's as simple as that Dr. Venus Opal Reese is AMAZING. It's as simple as that. She walks the walk and talks the talk. One of the things I love about the book is that it doesn't just talk at you. It prompts me to actually THINK and REFLECT and see how what she's saying affects my own life. There are some heavy moments in the book and I'm not going to lie, you need to be open-minded. It's all real and it's all true but it may be different than what you are used to hearing. I'm so proud of this sister and I'm thankful she's open enough to share the process with us all. #holla! - Zarinah El-Amin Naeem (Amazon Review)  

Not for the faint of heart. Dr. V will cry, curse and pray all in the same breath. And it's real love in real life.

Whether you are a black woman or not; whether you are a small business owner or not; whether you have aspirations to be a millionaire or not, this book has something for you. Until this book, I didn't really understand what people meant by "cultural context" and how it impacted the way I show up in the workplace, my business, and even my family. I'm not a black woman. The specific cultural aspects that Dr Venus mentions don't apply to me. And her thought construct applies DIRECTLY to me. The thought-provoking exercises in the book helped me see how my lineage of poor white southern dirt farmers instilled some underlying survival patterns that limit my work in the world even though that "truth" doesn't exist for me any longer. This book is inspirational, uplifting and confronting. It is also NOT about making other people wrong, pushing someone else down in an effort to elevate oneself, or wearing a badge of victimhood or martyrdom. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. This truly is a rising tide that lifts ALL boats.

- Martha A. Wilson